I am an intuitive and a psychic medium. When I focus on a person or on a photograph of someone, I receive very specific information and guidance for them and about them.

My intuitive guidance will give you clear and practical ways to help free you from various blocks and limitations and help you to become your best self. You will receive guidance on whats going on and what’s coming up for you.  This can include information about your career, life path, partners, children and people close to you. I am consistently told that the guidance, suggestions and information I receive from spirit is transformational, extremely accurate and very helpful.  Your reading with me is likely to include a combination of psychic predictions, relationship guidance, practical self healing suggestions, and possibly messages from  loved ones in spirit.

A reading with me can help you to:

-Understand your past, how it’s affecting you and how it might be holding you back.

-Gain clarity about where you are in your life today and where you may be headed.

-Help you get a handle on where to focus next, personally and professionally

-Learn how to become more balanced and live a more satisfying and happier life.

-Gain valuable insights about yourself, your emotions and your relationships

-Heal and make changes to become more balanced and whole

I feel honored and blessed that the guidance I receive helps and heals so many.  Lets talk, get clear,  and start making positive changes in your life!

 Love & Light,




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